We Repair and Refurbish SpectraLink Phones!

Here at Smadny, we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We always deliver what we promise and we stand by our work, products sold or repairs performed. We offer state-of-the-art technology phones to fit any business: small or large. We offer fast turnaround, excellent reliabilty, friendly service and the lowest prices on the web! Call or email us today to discuss how we can help your business save money!

Here is some more information on our repairs service:



- New Plastic Housing (enclosure)
- New LCD Display
- New Rubberized Dial Pad
- Shrink wrapped in plastic after carefull quality check.
- We correct almost all internal error codes that often come up on some Spectralink (firmware re-programing & all internal errors)
- Also (upon request) we can upgrade PTB400 to PTB410 by adding the
vibrate function (we do this while we perform the refurbishment - At no additional Charge!)


After repairs performed by Smadny technicians your phones will not only PERFORM AND LOOK LIKE BRAND NEW, but will have all aging parts/components replaced!



- After repairs phones undergo complete diagnostic testing including range tests
(we check for weak signal level and LOW RANGE (often a problem on certain SpectraLink models) .

- We test the gain on microphones and speakers volumes on all phones.


Currently we offer repairs on SpectraLink PTB410, PTB400, PTB450, 6020 and PTB810 Wireless Telephones:

$99 for complete phone repair & refurbishment ! (If repairing less than 5 phones)

$95 for complete phone repair & refurbishment ! (If repairing 5-10 phones)

If you are sending more than 10 phones - Please send us an email for special volume pricing!


All prices include 2 Full Years of warranty!!!



Smadny Communications specializes in SpectraLink phone sales, repairs and refurbishment we are not affiliated with SpectraLink/Polycom Inc.

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